Howdy, Hi, Hello!


I really hate writing these first posts; I’m meant to tell you about me and what I plan to write in the blog .. but if I’m honest, I’m not sure!

On the outside, I am a single British upper middle class woman in her late 30’s who is self-employed working from home.  I went to private school, have a father that was pretty important in the Armed Forces, have held good jobs in decent, well renowned companies and have been a member of several well-to-do type organisations, all of which gives me a bit of a ‘Goody Goody’ image.

But that’s only half of me, the other half is a bit of a minx!

I lost my virginity ‘later’ than usual at the age of 24 and since then I have been a little obsessed with sex.  I don’t mean I have an addiction as such, but I find the whole subject of sex, fetishes, desires, fantasies and basically anything else sex-related, fascinating.

In about 2007 I entered into the online adult world; I actually can’t remember what came first – Twitter or my blog (I’m going to guess at Twitter) but I soon became immersed in the adult blogging realm, blogging about sex and writing erotica .. even though I wasn’t getting any.  I met some fantastic people along the way, many of which I am still in contact with (they’re the true heroes that put up with my and my nerves) and learnt a HELL of a lot!

I learnt about so many new things; things that turned me on (a lot of which I was totally side swiped by), more about the BDSM lifestyle which fascinates me (as well as turning me on) and I also learnt a lot about individual desires and fantasies.

Since then I have been through many names, some of which I still use in some places and some of which you may recognise (if you do say Hi – I love reconnecting!), including SexaholicBBW, LouiseBBW, Lusciously_Lou and Nawty_Ems.  Most of these name changes have been due to being suspended on Twitter, but some because of other reasons, which I may well go into detail later in this blog.

Currently I am going by the name of @TillyTalksUK.

Why am I back with another name?  Because I am learning to embrace my true self and trying very hard not to be ashamed of it.  It’s hard and I am only partway through the journey but I hope that I can get to a place where I feel comfortable with every part of me, or at least publicly being proud of every part of me, without having to hide half of me away.

So I hope that you will consider following me on Twitter as well as keeping up with this blog and join me on this never ending journey of mine!


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