From the Archive: An Email

**This is an email I received from a ‘fan’ a couple of years back and thought I would post it; it helps me to remember that I am desirable, and if it helps just one other larger lady realise it too, then it would make me a very happy pleased thing! **

“First, and the most important, you have a brain.  Intelligent women are always attractive; men like a woman who can argue with them on an equal level (some even like a woman to be able to talk down to them!).  Intelligence is an aphrodisiac.  Also the brain is the biggest and most powerful sex organ in the body.  So you are streets ahead of all those fluffy bimbos.

Second you are shy. God love us, but men love shy women.  It must be to do with your vulnerability, it appeals to the masculine genes.  It’s not that you are open to abuse but that you are willing to be shown what guys like and boy do they like to show you what they like!!  Of course half the time it’s nothing you want but the other half you can take and mould as you wish.  Despite everything you read or hear we are putty in your hands!

Already you are a sex kitten and we haven’t even touched your body………………..what a divine thought!

Now your body. Where to start. Obvious place your big breasts.  Despite some proclaiming that more than a handful is a waste most men are ‘tit’ men, we like them big, we like to carress them, to suckle on them and generally to enjoy there look and feel. Plus points to you again.

Next your thighs.  Leg men claim that they love slim legs that go on forever, phooey!  When a man settles down (or is forced) between a woman’s thighs to do what a good man should (worship her epicentre with his mouth and his tongue), does he want the possibility of a bone grinding on his face?  Of course not, what he wants is a well padded thigh where he can rest his head as he pleasures his lady (in some cases he also likes the idea if that if the woman feels like it she can damn near crush him….a thought that could have him cumming quicker than you wish, lol).  More plus points to you.

Your bottom. What is there to say about your bottom?  Lots but it is easiest expressed thus. Men like big bottoms.  Ask an honest man about what constitutes and oversized bottom he will tell you that there ain’t no thing as  a booty that is too big.  We love them, every inch.  More plus points.

Your epicentre (your vagina, your pussy, your cunt, whatever you call it depending on where you arousal is at that particular moment) is beautiful  I don’t even have to look, it is divine.  Fat, skinny, black or white, they are all beautiful.  The ugly one does not exist.

Your tummy, your oh so lovely belly.  So, your man has just driven you wild with his friendly attack on your epicentre, you are both exhausted.  Does he want to rest his head on a hard washboard?  No, a nice, soft, pillowy belly is perfect.  Lying there inches from your aromatic epicentre, the most comfortable place on the planet at that time.  Close enough your  aroma fills his nostrils, close enough you can lay your hands on his head and, if you wish, encourage him to start again. You win again.”

Thank you Jim .. I can’t tell you how lovely it was to receive that .. and it helps me to understand a little why I have fans .. and hope for the future ..!


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