Looking Forward to 2017

I usually set myself goals each year, rather than resolutions.  I set them for myself personally and my businesses, but this year I thought I would set myself some that pertain more to this side of myself.  Some of the items on this list will seem a little  ‘easy’ for some people and some will seem totally random for others – please just respect that all of the items I have listed are listed for a reason and are things that I want to improve on or challenge myself with this coming year.

I would love to know what you think and whether you think there is something missing that should be aded to the list too – remember this is just what I want to achieve this coming year, and not a bucket list – that will come later!

Blogging / Writing

  1. Write and post at least one erotic short story once a month on my blog not linked to any meme.
  2. Submit to e[Lust] 4 times.
  3. Post on my blog a minimum of 100 times.
  4. Read and Review 2 erotic books.
  5. Watch and Review 2 erotic films.
  6. Test and Review 2 erotic toys / pieces of equipment.
  7. Reach 1,001 views on my blog.
  8. Take part in Wicked Wednesday 12 times.
  9. Have 2,017 followers on Twitter.
  10. Write a ’99 Things about Me’ post.
  11. Comment on 52 different blogs.
  12. Get 12 people to guest post for the blog.
  13. Write a post for the Pussy Pride Project.


  1. Flesh out the idea and plans for ‘Project A’.
  2. Launch / Post about ‘Project A’.
  3. Write 12 Posts linked to ‘Project A’.
  4. Flesh out the idea and plans for ‘Project B’.
  5. Launch / Post about ‘Project B’.
  6. Write 12 Posts linked to ‘Project B’.
  7. Flesh out the idea and plans for ‘Project C’.
  8. Launch / Post about ‘Project C’.
  9. Write 12 Posts linked to ‘Project C’.


  1. Knock off 12 places for the Scavenger Hunt.
  2. Create a page on my blog for my Scavenger Hunt images.
  3. Have someone take some arty-naughty pictures of me.
  4. Complete an A-Z ‘naughty’ photography challenge.
  5. Take part in Sinful Sunday 12 times.


  1. Have Sex!
  2. Masturbate on cam.
  3. Be fingered to orgasm.
  4. Orgasm 3 times in one day (with someone else,not myself).
  5. Squirt.
  6. Have sex outdoors.
  7. Have sex in a car.
  8. Get some nipple clamps.


  1. Attend a local munch.
  2. Explore my Domme side with someone.
  3. Explore my submissive side with the right person.
  4. Be spanked, properly.

Personal Care and Development

  1. Have a Manicure.
  2. Have a Pedicure.
  3. Get my eyelashes dyed.
  4. Wear a skirt 12 times.
  5. Wear prettier underwear at least 52 times.
  6. Wear pretty shoes at least 12 times.


  1. Attend Eroticon.
  2. Meet 20 other bloggers / kinky peeps in person.
  3. Make £100 with this blog or associated accounts.