Tilly’s Tasks

If you are male like the idea of doing sexy-risky-type tasks, this may interest you.  It gives me pleasure to see men doing things for me and I like having a collection of guys joining in. The plan is that I will give out regular tasks that you can join in with as and when you want.

Completing tasks will earn you points, prizes and all sorts of other good things!  There is a leaderboard those at the top with be celebrated and given extra goodies on a monthly and yearly basis.

So, how do you get involved? You can sign up to the Mailing List and receive them via emails, join the secret Facebook Group (which no one can see on your profile) and follow me on Twitter and in one way or another you will see the new tasks when they are set.

In case you want to know the kind of tasks that might show up, they could include appearing on cam, sending me a message with a specific subject, dressing up in a certain way or even sending me a birthday card!  Anything goes, but remember, you don’t have to take part in all, or indeed any, of them.

And what about the kinds of things that some of my task subjects have said ..

“Caring and understanding … you look after us with praise & support … (your tasks) make us feel special and like we belong to you.”

“You are taking over my mind and body Mistress, OWNING me, heart & soul. You are driving me insane with arousal. My need to devote & submit myself to you has taken over my mind. It’s there all day long. It’s delicious and addictive. You are my Queen, my Goddess, my Mistress. Serving you is bliss.”

“Obedience is pleasure. Pleasure is obedience”

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